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We ensure the cloud works for you.

No two companies are the same, that’s why we offer various cloud consumption models to serve different needs. Our models feature different levels of managed services, from storage as a service to a fully managed cloud.

You shouldn’t have to compromise on your cloud services. Let us help you get what you want without having to pay for add-ons you won’t use.

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Save more with OpEx models.

When it comes to purchasing, your company can classify IT service expenses as either Capital Expenditures (CapEx) or Operating Expenses (OpEx). While CapEx is traditionally associated with IT purchasing, Insight offers OpEx models to help you save more money on IT expenses.

With an OpEx consumption model, your IT expenditures are tax deductible in the year they’re made. In contrast, CapEx consumption models only allow you to recover costs over time through depreciation. For your convenience, we offer both OpEx and CapEx consumption models.

Explore our standard cloud consumption models.

We offer six standard models that represent a variety approaches, platforms and products. If our standard models aren’t the right fit, we can also build a custom consumption model to suit your needs.

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    Managed cloud

    This fixed capacity consumption model features a fixed growth rate over three to five years. We will design a private cloud architecture for your business with optional hosting, migration and implementation services added on. A three- to five-year term commitment is required.

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    Public cloud

    Our public cloud option allows you to pay as you go, with no minimums or term commitments required. In this model, clients utilize public cloud from Microsoft® Azure® or Amazon Web Services. Your public cloud service is then bundled with our managed cloud services.

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    Storage on demand (NetApp)

    Our NetApp® Private Storage (NPS) offering allows for burstable growth and also has three performance tiers. This option has a minimum spend requirement and a six-month minimum commitment.

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    Storage on demand (Pure Storage)

    Our Pure Storage on-demand model offers one performance tier enhanced with evergreen support. This consumption model has a minimum size requirement plus a one-, two- or three-year commitment. A reserve is also required to support burstable growth.

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    NetApp private storage (hybrid cloud)

    This hybrid cloud solution features a low-latency connection to public cloud via Equinix Cloud Exchange. Computing is done in public cloud, while your storage lives in a private cloud. The model allows for burstable growth, but requires a minimum spend and a 12-month commitment.

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    Data protection on demand

    Our data protection service features on-demand software licensing with an optional appliance add-on. There is a minimum size requirement, but no term commitments on the software. The appliance requires a three-year term commitment. And our managed cloud services are required.

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Run smarter with managed cloud services.

All of our cloud consumption models can be bundled with managed cloud services. Managed cloud helps you optimize your cloud capabilities with 24/7 support, governance, security monitoring and optional engineering on demand.

Through our managed cloud services, we offer three service tiers: Basic, Managed and Comprehensive. See the benefits of each one.

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Get a customized model built just for you.

Our standard consumption models are designed to provide a holistic experience and satisfy the needs of today’s most successful businesses. However, we understand needs vary and your business may not align to our standard options.

Even if your company isn’t ready for a complete digital overhaul yet, we’ll help you get there. We’ll prepare a custom consumption model to meet you where you are and drive your organization forward.

Take a strategic approach to cloud consumption.

Connect with a specialist to find out how our cloud consumption models can meet the needs of your organization.