Teammates managing data across multiple environments, using Veritas solutions.

A holistic approach.

When managing data across multicloud environments, you want to do it as simply as possible. Veritas™ data management solutions reduce complexity and optimise your storage resources, providing easy application and data migration between on-premise and cloud environments.

Making data work better for business.

Backup & Recovery

Veritas provide a number of game-changing Backup & Recovery products - Insight can help find the right solution for your needs.

Business Continuity

Defy disasters and outages. Keep your business running. Business continuity matters: Veritas has the solutions.

Storage Management

Veritas provides cost-efficient agility and performance storage management solutions.

Veritas Backup Exec, available from Insight Australia, allows direct backup to the cloud in line with your cloud strategy.

Protect every bit of your data.

Regardless of where your data's stored, it needs to be protected. Backup Exec™ software delivers a cost-effective solution for backing up your data and integrating seamlessly with your cloud strategy. Use direct cloud connectors, optimise your costs and back up any storage device.

Back up your SaaS data — because most SaaS providers don't

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Avoid cloud downtime with Veritas disaster recovery solutions, available from Insight.

Sidestep the costs of downtime.

It is possible to regain control of your business continuity. Downtime and data loss present very real threats to enterprises. Veritas™ high-availability and disaster recovery solutions can help prevent data loss and the unwelcome business outcomes associated with it.

Veritas software-defined storage provides faster deployment and QoS.

Your storage could be doing much more!

Manage your storage environments regardless of hardware platform or vendor. Veritas software-defined storage allows for faster application deployment and appropriate Quality of Service with the visibility you require.

Is Veritas right for you?

Veritas has the capabilities in place to suit your specific needs. Contact us today and a member of our team will be happy to help.

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