Sophos can help protect your students' endpoints

Sophos in education

Schools and higher education institutions benefit from the latest networking technologies which make the learning experience richer for students.

Sophos' security and data protection integrates endpoint, email and web security, and network access control to deliver easy-to-use solutions that protect millions of administrators, teachers, and students around the world from the effects of viruses, spam and spyware.

Solutions for all your security needs.

Protect sensitive data

As an educational institution, you may hold sensitive data like student records or critical research material. Sophos' security and data protection deliver easy-to-use solutions that keep your data safe, wherever it goes.

Enable safe web browsing

Sophos web filtering and web protection modules enable your IT department to enforce safe internet usage for your students and staff and reduce visit to inappropriate websites and apps.

Maximise resources and control costs

Your IT Team can shape bandwidth usage by users, groups, web category and apps. Prevent low-priority traffic from hogging available bandwidth and slowing down important tasks in your system.

Children using their devices in a classroom

Get your BYOD strategy right!

Bring your own Device (BYOD) is a common driver for new technology deployment, but it can be a headache for IT departments. What kind of access to your network should you grant an unmanaged device? How can you protect users on your network when using an unmanaged device? What data is accessible from a personal device?

There is no simple answer to BYOD, but Sophos can support you to securely implement a BYOD device strategy that will assist in overall cost savings and improved lesson engagement.

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