Cloud Lifecycle Management

As organisations consume more cloud services, so arise new challenges – how do you manage multiple cloud services from multiple cloud vendors? How can you enable your users to gain the benefits of dynamic cloud services while still maintain control of your organisations spend and risk? We specialise in connecting clients with the technology solutions to manage their cloud investments through the entire solution lifecycle.

Insight's cloud management platform provides both control and flexibility.

A platform to provide control.

Insight have developed a platform that gives organisations enterprise level control over cloud services. This platform enables our clients to provide their end users with all of the benefits of the cloud while maintaining best practice service management.

Control which applications your users have access to, whilst allowing them flexibility.

Cloud Service Governance

Controlling which services your end users consume is critically important, yet at the same time you need to enable your users the flexibility to choose services that fit their needs without obstructing their productivity.


Security and risk management

It's important that IT departments can maintain control of where their data lands, and what platforms their users are utilising.

Enterprise Application Stores

Provide your users full self-service to cloud services while maintaining control.


End-to-end ITSM management.

Ensure that your ITSM processes are maintained while consuming cloud solutions, from service desk to CMDB so that you can manage the entire lifecycle of your users' cloud consumption.

Allow your users dynamic access to cloud services with Insight's cloud lifecycle management solutions.

Combat shadow IT.

IT organisations risk being disintermediated if they don’t enable their users to consume cloud services dynamically. Insight can help you can gain back control of your cloud estate.

Insight can help you manage the cloud lifecycle.

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