Ransomware is Spreading. Think you’re covered?

Ransomware is Spreading. Think you’re covered?

11 Mar 2016

You have listened to security experts and invested in all the recommended endpoint protection solutions, including anti-malware, personal firewall, hard disk and file encryption, DLP and probably more. You have employed rigorous security policies and stay on top of deploying the latest software updates. You think, ‘I’m covered; what else can I do?’ Even with all of these endpoint protection solutions, there’s still a modest chance of breach. According to Gartner, “When 44% of reference customers for EPP (Endpoint Protection Platforms) solutions have been successfully compromised, it is clear that the industry is failing in its primary goal: blocking malicious infections.”

However, there is something you can do. It’s called data copy, and it’s about maintaining a secure, regularly-scheduled backup of your organization’s laptop and desktop files. With this, your laptop and desktop files are preserved and can easily be restored if a ransomware attack occurs. Consider endpoint data backups as insurance in the event that all of your other endpoint security tools have failed. Without a secure copy, your only other option is to pay the criminal’s ransom price and pray they’re honest enough to provide you the keys to get your data back.

Just in case you haven’t been following this trend, ransomware is on the rise. One recent high profile attack included Hollywood’s Presbyterian Medical Center. Backed into a corner, the hospital paid out $17,000 in bitcoin to obtain a decryption key to recover its precious healthcare data. That included patient records, X-rays and other important files. According to a Reuters story March 7, the first known ransomware attack on Apple's Mac computers was downloaded more than 6,000 times before the threat was contained, according to a developer whose product was tainted with the malicious software.

The solution is this: Commvault’s Endpoint Data Protection. It provides data copy protection on Mac, Linux and Windows systems by providing automated incremental PC backups of endpoint data to an encrypted virtual storage repository that is managed in your secure data center or Commvault’s cloud service. Our Intelligent backup scheduling engine seeks the most efficient time to perform backup jobs based on things such as network bandwidth and CPU availability, so there’s little to no disruption in user productivity.

And users can immediately access and download their protected files from the backup storage location from any device, including mobile devices, while a full data copy restore is in process on new hardware. Learn more about Commvault’s Endpoint Data Protection solution.

Ransomware is Spreading. Think you’re covered? originally appeared on the Commvault Blog.