The Microsoft Enterprise Agreement, available from Insight, offers unequaled savings for businesses over 500 seats.

Unparalleled savings via a standardised IT platform.

The Microsoft Enterprise Agreement (EA) is the perfect solution for larger businesses looking to buy software licenses and cloud services under a single agreement. It presents the best value, with locked-in pricing spread over 3 years, and offers 24/7 support and training options.

An EA is advisable if:

  • Your organisation has 500 or more PCs
  • You want to standardise your company's Microsoft products
The EA last for 3 years, and has a fixed price per PC based on selected Microsoft products.

How does the EA work?

  • Enterprise Agreements last for 3 years.
  • You pay a fixed price per PC, based on Microsoft products used and total number of PCs.
  • Based around the initial installation of Office Professional Plus, Windows Professional Upgrade or Core Client Access Licenses (CALs), with additional discounts for further purchases.

What are the benefits of an EA?

Reduced cost of ownership

Standardising software across your organisation's PCs lowers overall cost and improves productivity.

The latest updates

Guaranteed eligibility for the latest product versions with Software Assurance, for the lifetime of your EA.

More users, higher discount

Discounts increase based on the number of qualifying devices; additional products can be added at the same locked-in discount.

Value Protection

Optional 1-year or 3-year agreement renewal, to allow for additional products at the same discount.

Changes to the Enterprise Agreement

In an effort to simplify the volume licensing purchasing experience, on July 1st 2016, Microsoft changed the EA program to increase the minimum commitment from 250 to 500 users/devices for commercial customers signing new Enterprise Enrollments and Enterprise Subscription Enrollments.

If you are an existing EA customer with an upcoming renewal, but have fewer than 500 users/devices, you will be able to extend your current Enrollments for an additional 36 months, in keeping with the current program rules.

For new sub-500 user clients looking to obtain the best value on Microsoft licensing, two alternative licensing programs are currently available:

  • Microsoft Products and Services Agreement (MPSA): a fast, flexible way to license software and online services through one simplified agreement. MPSA allows businesses to optimise pricing via points consolidation whilst creating a suitable purchasing structure for their organisational needs.
  • Cloud Solution Provider (CSP): aimed at clients fully committed to online services and who are looking to outsource service management. Insight is one of a very select number of CSPs in Australia, and our CSP solution provides quick and pain-free Microsoft cloud subscription management functionality.

Insight are the Enterprise licensing experts.

With 25 years of Microsoft partnerships, we are perfectly positioned to help you make the most of your EA.

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